Dialogue creates change

For many refugees and immigrants, the encounter with Norwegian society can be a stressful experience. There are some expectations and demands that they do not understand the reason for.

MiR has experienced that it can be useful to create a dialogue around difficult topics instead of just informing the target group about what is expected of them, as there are many topics that appear to create misunderstanding and seem totally uncomprehensible. By creating dialogue, attitudes can be changed in a better way than imposing new attitudes on adults that they do not understand. Our dialoguefacilitators speak Norwegian, but also several different languages, can facilitate dialogue for those who do not speak Norwegian very well. The best way to change attitudes is to talk to each other and perhaps learn from the experiences of others who have lived for a longer period in Norway. We have extensive experience in holding dialogue meetings at adult education centres around the country, both in the introduction programme and in collaboration with Norwegian People's Aid's "Women Can". Topics we have dialogue leaders in are: negative social control and forced marriage, domestic violence, and gender equality.

Become a dialogue facilitator or volunteer!

If you are a person who wants to make a difference for other people by working with attitude change, you can attend our training and have workshops for us. You can work as a dialogue facilitator in both Norwegian and your mother tongue!