Violence in close relations

It is not always easy to identify psychological and physical violence and get help. It is essential to know where you can find support if you are in a harmful relationship. If you become a dialogue facilitator you can help others in this situation.

What is violence in close relationship?

The Norwegian police and the Penal Code define domestic violence as “violence or threats of violence against persons who are or have been married or who live or have lived in marriage-like relationships. This also applies to siblings, children, parents, grandparents and others in the right ascending or descending line, as well as adoptive, foster- and step-related relationships.” (

MiR kompetanse's experience

Long experience with projects

MiR Kompetanse bases our experience on MiRs experience with dialogue seminars. This project is supported by BUFDIR (Barne, ungdom og familiedirektoratet)

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